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7 Ways to Elevate Your Cocktail Party Attire

#7 Be Prepared

Let’s be honest here, you’re looking at at least 3-4 hours in one outfit. Standing up, walking around, mingling, eating and drinking. That means that for that amount of time, you not only need to look your best, you need to look effortless. Otherwise, no matter how good you looked when you entered the party, you will look a hot mess walking out.

So, for men, make sure your blazer or suit jacket is breathable. You don’t want to start sweating profusely, especially because you’re not really supposed to take the jacket off. Focus on breathable fabrics, a moisture-wicking undershirt, under your button-down, and dark pants.

For women, select comfortable heels and don’t be afraid to slip a gel pad in there. The added support and massaging gel will keep your feet from getting tired too quickly. Also, make sure your undergarments fit correctly. This will not only shape you better, making the actual outfit look even more flattering on you, but it will keep you from having to readjust yourself all night long.

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