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7 Things You Should Never Tell Your Boss

There are some things your boss just doesn’t need to know about you. Things that can be used against you, or things that make you seem like a less than desirable employee. You don’t want your chances of success to be diminished, right? Here are 7 things you should never tell your boss:

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#1 “I Can’t Stand Working With ____”

This can make you seem like you’re the type of person who has petty arguments with co-workers, and can signal your inability to work well with others. If your job entails that you be social, and a team player, this may be a huge red flag.

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#2 “I Don’t Know.”

It’s OK to not know, but remember, they hired you because you had something to offer. Especially your potential. Your boss is asking you something because they think you can help, so help!

Instead of saying you don’t know, say something like “I don’t know, but I’ll find out.” Then go find out and bring back the answers needed.

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#3 “My Day Is Light, Can I Leave Early?”

You can certainly leave early, but don’t act like your day is light. There’s at least 10 other things you could go do right now, so your day is never light. Instead, say what you need to go do and stop pretending like you don’t have the work to fill the last few minutes.

So for instance, “Hey, I need to go pick up my kid from school, he got out early, do you mind if I step out a few minutes early today?”

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#4 “I Had An Interview.”

It’s OK to search for a new job while working at another, especially if the chances of climbing up the ladder at your current job seem slim. Or if you just hate it! But don’t ever let anyone know. No one except any recruiters you’re working with, your loved ones, and of course, the companies you’re applying to.

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#5 “I Was Only 15 Minutes Late.”

Only 15 minutes is still late. A half hour is late. Ten minutes is late. Just try to not be late and this won’t be an issue. But if you are late and you are confronted about it, own up to it. Honesty goes a long way.

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#6 “We’ve Always Done It This Way.”

Ok, but things change, and at a company composed of several moving parts, more so. That’s the thing about business, things constantly change, experiments are conducted, and marketing revamps everything. So, just do your job. And if you’re asked to do something differently, know that there’s a chance they’ll ask you to do it differently again and again as time goes on.

Accept it, do it, and move on. Otherwise, it will come across like you’re afraid of change, and like if they were to hand you responsibility, you wouldn’t be able to handle it.

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#7 “That’s Not Part of my Job”

Technically, anything you’re asked to do is part of your job. It may not be something you’ve ever done, and it may not be on the original job description, but this is your chance to prove that you’re adaptable. If you do, and you deliver, you’ll likely keep getting more work, and eventually, a promotion.

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