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7 Things You Should Know Before Going To University

Going to university is a blessing and a curse. On one hand, you can make amazing friends, learn more about the subject you want to work in for (hopefully) the rest of your life, and you can have a better shot at landing a good job… But on the other hand, nothing is guaranteed, everyone’s experience is different because there are so many variables, and the massive amount of student debt can be crippling. So, what are the 7 things you should know before going to university anyway?

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#1 You’re Going to Want to Check Your Finances A Lot (Like Twice a Week)

Seriously, check them once in the beginning of the week, and once at the end. Running around, blindly spending money, is how you end up overusing a credit card or calling your parents for money.

Instead, set a budget for bills, another for essential needs (shampoo and food), and another for savings. The remaining one can go toward spending. If you’re short, get a part-time job on or off campus.

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#2 Pick What Works For You

In college, say you’re living the dorm life, you’re going to get a little claustrophobic sometimes. The lack of privacy, someone always being around, someone potentially knocking and hanging out when all you want to do is be alone.

And if you’re not in a dorm, say you’re living at home, then you’re going to be complaining about having so much work to get done, and not being a part of the dorm scene.

Whatever way you look at it, there’s something you’re missing out on, so pick what works for you.

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#3 Yes, You Can Fail, But It Will Cost You

You can fail a class in college, you can fail several. The professors won’t care and the university won’t kick you out. But see, they get more money from you, so obviously they don’t complain. One college class is worth thousands of dollars, so go ahead and fail it! You’ll just need to pay them for it anyway.

Oh, and you’ll need to retake the class to get rid of that terrible grade you got in it, which means more money.

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#4 College Doesn’t Guarantee A Good Job

Sorry, there may have been a time when this was true, but now it’s just not. Most people don’t even work in whatever they majored in, but that’s another story (more on that later).

What college guarantees is furthering your education, having something nice to put on a resume, and an increased chance at landing a good job. But competition is fierce, and experience is what counts the most. If you’re a new grad, and you have a degree, but zero work experience in your field, you’ll need to force your way into the industry and carve yourself a spot.

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#5 Don’t Overthink Your Major

It is entirely possible to work in one thing, but have a major in another, so don’t stress about it too much. If you’re going to switch majors, do it your first year in, so you’re not wasting money on classes you don’t need. Focus on maybe one class related to the field, and if you hate it, change your major and it’s not much of a loss.

Most people work in things outside of their majors. They achieve this by working for several years, taking on roles in companies that are deviating from their subject of study, and then learning on the job. It takes time, effort, determination, and a lot of struggle. It’s what faces you when you graduate.

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#6 Practice A Healthy Lifestyle

The “freshman 15” is a thing, so remember: in order to not gain 15 lbs. on average after moving out of mom and dad’s house, you’ll need to learn how to look after yourself. Put down the mac n’ cheese, put down that 10th cookie today, and go sign up for a free fitness course at the local recreation center. Hit the gym for $10 a month. It’s as much as streaming services are, only it helps burn the calories of all that binge eating.

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#7 Enjoy College, Because It Goes Fast

Being in college is a blast. Despite any hardships, this is a time when you really grow into your own, discover more about who you are, and really face some hard decisions like what you want to work in, and who you want to befriend. Social relationships mean more here, and have the potential to be lifelong.

So enjoy it! Live a little. Party on, but don’t forget to study. Explore fashion choices, and take a fitness class. Do what makes you happy. You’ll always have these memories, but you won’t always be in college.

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