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6 Things You Do Wrong Everyday

There’s quite a few things that we do wrong in an average day. And most of these things tend to be so simple, we may question how we didn’t conclude that in the first place! Here’s 6 simple things you do wrong every single day, and how to do them the right way:

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#1 Put the Straw Through the Hole In the Pull-Tab of the Can

That’s right, it’s there for a reason. If you open a soda can, that hole in the pull-tab is to accommodate a straw. That way it doesn’t scrape up in the bigger hole that’s meant to drink directly out of.

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#2 Cut the Ice Cream Container When Making An Ice Cream Sandwich

That’s what it’s there for, to shape the ice cream easily. No need to reach for the scoop and use your fingers to make it look nicer. Just use a knife to cut the container like you would bread. Then place the ice cream “slice” between two cookies, and pull off the container label to reveal the most beautiful ice cream sandwich you’ve ever made.

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#3 Put Your Phone On Flight Mode

It charges faster this way, because it doesn’t use up battery power to do the other functions, like keep Wi-fi or Bluetooth running.

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#4 Color-Coat Your Keys

Either use those rubber toppers, or just color the top part of each key. And stick to a color theme you can remember. For instance, yellow for home, because it’s a happy color, green for work, because it’s money, and blue for gym, because maybe that’s where you unwind for the day.

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#5 A Teaspoon of Baking Soda In Water…

To peel your hard boiled eggs easier. Spend less time fighting to peel it later!

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#6 Those Keyboard Feet Are Training Wheels

They’re for people who want need a little assistance when typing away at their computer. If you already type without looking at the keys, you don’t need them. Instead, they may cause your wrists to ache.

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