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5 Urban Legends About Sex That Turned Out to Be True

Ever hear those horror stories about sex? You were probably in your teens, fairly young and naive, and even back then you thought “That couldn’t possibly happen!”
Well, believe it, friends. There are some urban legends that aren’t so far-fetched after all. Here are five that turned out to be 100% true:

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#1 Getting Pregnant While Pregnant

Truth be told, this is one of those urban legends that everyone thought was completely fictional. But as it turns out, it does happen, albeit rarely. The phenomenon is called superfetation, and it occurs when a successfully fertilized egg gets released during the course of pregnancy. This results in twins, but at a different gestational age.

The second fetus can be born several weeks or months premature, so doctors get very concerned when it happens. And to this day, no one really knows why this can actually happen!

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#2 Too Much Sex Can Make You Blind

This is actually true, but don’t worry, it’s temporary. This happens when increased blood pressure causes blood vessels to constrict. The result? Going blind during an orgasm, which is pretty hilarious in and of itself, you have to admit.

The good news is that if it happens, your vision returns pretty fast, and if you really, really need the aid, there’s medication to help improve the blood vessels in your eyes. They’re called vasodilator drugs, so go to your doctor’s office and ask if this is something that you could benefit from.

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#3 Male Lactation

Alright, this one is a little unorthodox, so fair warning: there have been documented cases of men actually breastfeeding. Whoa!

In the 1890s, Prussian scientist Alexander von Humboldt saw many of these cases and wrote about them. He mentioned he saw a man breastfeed after his wife fell ill. And that he saw many instances in Brazil, with men stepping in when women had shriveled breasts.

There were even cases in German and Japanese camps during WWII, with some of the men spontaneously producing milk of their own.

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#4 People Deliberately Getting HIV

This is an unfortunate reality, but it’s known as “bug chasing.” It occurs when a person intentionally has sex with an HIV-positive individual so they can also get the virus. HIV patients who have sex with the “chasers” are called “gift-givers.”

No one really knows why anyone would want HIV, but some whispers claim it’s a sick way of thrill seeking, and others want to get it so they can enjoy having multiple partners without worrying whether or not they’d eventually catch the virus or not.

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#5 A Man Actually Stapled His Scrotum Back On

So men reading this, maybe prepare yourself for some pain while reading this. Can’t say we didn’t warn you.

A 40-year-old machine stop worker liked to masturbate near a running canvas drive-belt during lunch breaks. Well, his scrotum got caught in the drive-belt one time, and tore his left testis to shreds. It even sent him flying several feet.

Like a champ, this man proceeded to close his wound with eight staples from a staple gun nearby, and then carried on with his shift.

The only reason anyone found out was because he developed a fever as a result of oncoming infection a week later. He blamed it on a work-related accident, but then was forced to confess how it actually occurred.

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