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5 Unknown April Fools' Day Traditions Around The World

In many countries around the world people celebrate April Fools on April 1 by playing jokes or spreading hoaxes. But there are also some unknown traditions connected with this day. Read the text to find out how people spend this day in France, Spain or China.

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#1 France And Italy

In France an 'April Fool' is known as a Poisson d'Avril, in Italy it's a Pesce d'Aprile (both mean April Fish). In these countries people (mainly children) celebrate this day by imperceptibly pinning paper fish on the backs of other kids or family members. When the victim discovers the prank, the successful prankster yells out "April Fish"

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#2 China

There's no April Fools' Day in China - it has been banned. The government there claims that this holiday doesn't fit with the country's values - "The so-called Western April Fool's Day does not conform to Chinese cultural traditions or socialist core values".

But wait, this information was published in chinese newspaper on April 1. Yes, you're right - fortunately it was just a joke ;)

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#3 Spain

It's not a good idea to play jokes April 1 in Spain or other Spanish-speaking countries. They don't celebrate April Fools' Day, but they have it's equivalent el Día de los Santos Inocentes (Day of the Holy Innocents) on December 28. It's similar to April Fools' Day, but the prankster says "Inocente, inocente!" or "Innocent one, innocent one!".

One of the most popular jokes on this day is to stick a figure cut out of white paper on someone's back.

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#4 Scotland

People in Scotland celebrate two days. April 1 is know as Hunt the Gowk Day - it's a day of pranking and hoaxing people. A victim of a joke is called a gowk. April 2 is a Tailie Day - people pin "tails" on each other's backs.

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#5 Iran

The 13th day of the Persian New Year is called Sizdah Bedar. It usually falls on April 1 or April 2. This holiday is known since 536 BC, so perhaps it's the oldest known joke day.

People spend this day on picnics and then they throw away green plant (known as sabzeh), because they believe that they represent any potential illnesses or bad luck for the coming year.

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