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5 Things A Woman Should Never Do For the Man She Loves

Growing up, were there things older women always mentioned you shouldn’t do for a man? These things usually involved actions that set you up for a certain expectation, or outcome. Nothing terrible at first, but certainly something that amounted to something much later down the line.
Well, if you didn’t hear about these things, now is your chance to finally read about them in detail!
Hopefully, it’s not too late, right?

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#1 Give Up Your Career

Think about it: you go to school, you graduate, get a degree, work hard for about four years until you finally get a good footing on entry level, because let’s be honest: they expect you to have about 4 years before they even let you in the door.

Then you continue working so hard, year after year, building up a nice nest egg, planning your next move, and bam, you fall in love. Well, Mr. Right has another idea: stop working hard, and become a housewife.

Let it be known, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a housewife, but it needs to be something that you want, not something he desperately wants you to do. Because suddenly, he’s the sole breadwinner, and therefore, he has more of a say in financial decisions than you do. And if you were to break up, well, you’d lose.

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#2 Change Your Entire Identity

Changing your wardrobe because he doesn’t like it and prefers that you wear x, y, and z. Changing your hobbies to better coexist with his. And even changing your interests, friend groups, and aspirations to better make him happy.

You know what this is called? Living a lie. It’s you changing who you are to better reflect who he really wants. If you’re having to change everything about yourself to make him happy, then it’s not you he really wants.

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#3 Have His Children

This one is probably the most serious and important point in this article, so pay extra close attention: if you want children, even years down the road, chances are you already know. That maternal instinct is a real thing. You either have it, or you don’t.

And if you don’t, and your partner totally wants kids, then it’s time to accept that you two will absolutely never see eye-to-eye on this. And it is a very legitimate reason to break up.

He will forever want children, and he will see it as you depriving him of that. And you will forever resent him if you give him children that you didn’t want in the first place. It’s a lose-lose situation.

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#4 Dumb Down

If your guy wants you to pretend to be dumber than you are, and more quiet and easy-going than you are, then he wants a plastic Barbie doll with no mind of her own. You are an independent, fierce, smart, amazing woman who deserves a real man: one who will support and cheer you on when voicing your opinions, even if they contradict his.

Real men aren’t threatened by strong women, they appreciate them. And treat them as equals. So it’s time to shine, and find yourself someone who is the biggest fan of how your mind works.

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#5 Ditch Your Friends

You’re a grown woman and chances are, you and your friends have been through quite some times together. The good, the bad, the everything in between, especially if you’ve been friends for a decade or more.

And no guy should ever come between that. You and your friends are a different story than you and the guy. Two different relationships and meanings there. He can’t tell you to stop being friends with whomever he doesn’t like. Only you have the power to end your friendships.

And the only reason why any friendship should meet its demise, is because it’s having a negative impact on you as a person, and your life. For instance, maybe your friends are toxic, and terrible influences. Again, your partner can do nothing. They knew what they were getting into. Only you can decide to walk away, and you’ll only do it when you’re ready.

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