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5 Fashion Tips for Every 90's Girl

#2 Tone Down the Makeup

These days, makeup is all about the contouring, the highlighting, the lashes, the eyeshadow and liner, etc. Everything all the time. And although it makes for great photos, it can be a glaring sight to behold in person. In the 90s, it was all about focusing on a few key elements and letting the rest speak for itself. First, focus on achieving an even complexion with the proper concealer and foundation to match your skintone. Then fill in your natural brows to fill any sparse areas, but don’t overdo it. The idea is to make them look good but natural, not overly perfect like social media advocates. Finally, go for a bold, yet dark lip. If dark isn’t your thing, opt for red. If you care to, also use a hint of eyeliner, but don’t use the shadow, highlighter or contour palette.

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