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What Is Vaping?

Think you know everything there is about vaping? Well, just because you vape doesn’t mean that you truly know what you’re putting in your body. Or any of the issues that may arise with that! The good news is that it’s not all bad. It could be worse, you could still be smoking actual cigarettes, right? Here are 10 things you didn’t know about vaping:

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#1 E-Cigarettes & Other Vaping Devices Aren’t Risk-Free

They can cause brain, heart and lung damage, lead to cancerous tumors, and even preterm deliveries and stillbirths in pregnant women. More so, it can affect brain and lung development when use occurs during fetal development or adolescence.

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#2 Depending On Your Vape, It Contains Nicotine

There is vape liquid that has none, but the vast majority has nicotine, and we know what that does. It’s addictive, difficult to reverse, and can instigate the use of other nicotine products.

You can even overdose on it and in some cases even die from too much exposure to nicotine, so be aware!

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#3 Still Safer Than Cigarettes

Yes, it’s true, it could always be worse. Cigarettes are still more dangerous than your average e-cigarette. So, if you absolutely have to smoke, try using vaping as a crutch to wean yourself off of cigarettes, and then wean yourself off the vape.


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#4 There Is No Quality Control

Think about it: vaping is still generally new. There are doubts about how safe it is because there’s a complete lack of disclosure of the ingredients used. What is known for sure though, hasn’t been good at all. Things like nicotine and chemicals to keep the liquid fresh for longer.

There’s even been instances where the nicotine level on the label didn’t match the actual content. FDA testing has revealed this time and time again.

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#5 E-Cigarettes Are Reusable

That’s right, no more buying a pack a day or every other day for you. If you do decide to make the switch, remember that it’s a lot of money up front, but you won’t need to replenish anything for a while. These things are reusable, so there’s no chance of running out or not having anything to puff on, as long as you have the liquid to refill it.

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#6 Public Vaping Is Hit Or Miss

Some people think you can vape in public, others don’t. What is known is that because most vapes have nicotine, they are often reduced to smoking areas only. But because they’re smoke-free tobacco, they are also allowed in non-smoking areas.

Because everyone is unsure, maybe it’s best to play it safe and stick to using it in smoking areas, your car, or your home. Or check this list of vaping bans in the US.

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#7 Not A Proven Method To Quit Smoking

Yes, you could wean yourself off cigarettes and then wean yourself off an e-cig, but ultimately, everyone is different. Some people wind up using both. Others can’t stick to vaping and go back to smoking. There is little conclusive evidence that they can help you, or anyone else.

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#8 Little Consistency Across Different Products

Because quality control isn’t really a thing, and so little is known about these products, technically, manufacturers don’t have to adhere to standards. That means there’s little consistency across different products.

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#9 Second-Hand Vapor Is A Factor

So, to recap, you don’t fully know what’s in the vape liquid, but you’re exhaling it out into the world, more specifically, the people you’re hanging out around. Just like with cigarettes, second-hand smoke/vapor is a factor to consider.

There’s nicotine, flavorings, chemicals, and tobacco toxins, to name a few of the things to be wary of.

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#10 E-Cigarettes Can Cause Lung Cancer

Just because you’re technically not smoking doesn’t mean you won’t develop lung cancer. In fact, you really could! It’s happened before, it’s proven, and frankly it’s no shock. If you’re smoking, or vaping anything, it’s doing something unnatural to your lungs and the rest of your body.

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