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What Women Hate In Men?

It’s not that men are impossible to deal with, and it’s not that they are unlikable. In fact, it’s quite the opposite! It’s just that there are a few things about men that really get under a woman’s skin, just as there’s quite a bit about the female population that annoys men as well. But what are the most popular complaints women have about men? Here are the 10 you should keep in mind.

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#1 Not Listening

Women know they can share anything with you, because that’s a relationship. However, they also know that there’s nothing like girl talk, and she can’t have that with you, because you won’t get it or make it fun. But that doesn’t mean it won’t slip out from time to time.

And your best bet is to just nod, smile, make eye contact, and at least try to listen. The act alone is enough to please a woman - the trying.

The same rule applies when she’s not talking about “girl stuff,” she’s just explaining something about meeting her friends for dinner that week, or telling you about her day. Listen! Her day matters too, and you not caring means there’s not really anything to talk about.

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#2 Being Overly Messy

Don’t leave your dirty, sweaty socks on the floor. And when you eat, just take your plate to the sink. Rinse it and put it in the dishwasher too, don’t just leave it sitting there for her to tackle later. A clean guy is a great guy, and it will not go unnoticed!

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#3 Bragging

They get it -  you can bench press more than any other man at the gym, and you beat that boss level in the game before anyone else you know. Women don’t want to hear about it, and then constantly keep hearing about that, and your other 5,000,000 accomplishments.

Instead, remember: she’s a human being too, and she has accomplishments of her own. Let her steal your shine sometimes, as she should!

#4 Not Making Eye Contact

Here’s the thing, you know how men find it… confrontational when you make a ton of eye contact with each other during a conversation? Well, it’s the opposite for women.

Two men holding a conversation like to deviate their eyes a lot, often looking at passing strangers, buildings, objects in the room, whatever else other than each other. Sure, they might look at each other here and there, but it’s never… constant.

When a man speaks to a woman, however, that eye contact needs to be there. It doesn’t mean you need to look at her like you’re staring into her soul (creepy), it means you just need to nod, look up at her, and let her know you’re listening. It is a sign of respect and willingness to hold a conversation.

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#5 Laziness In… Everything!

There is nothing worse than a man who is lazy in life, in general. A man who doesn’t put forth effort into his appearance, his sex life, or his goals. In fact, he might not even have goals! It’s this laziness that really makes it impossible for a man to put forth his best. Plus, if you don’t care enough about yourself to brush your hair or shower, why would you stop being lazy about any possible relationship?

#6 Undermining/Underestimating

Imagine you’re at the gym, and you see a girl lifting weights. Chances are she knows what she’s doing, she seems fine. She’s not falling on the floor, lifting excessive weight, or even holding them incorrectly. Do you still go up to her and try to “teach” her how to do it “the right way”?

If you answered yes, then you’re annoying, and should just leave the poor woman alone. Women can do much more than they’re given credit for. In fact, you might learn a thing or two if you took a moment to respectfully speak to her instead.

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#7 Too Much Cologne

Whether it’s at a gym (gross, mixed with sweat and everything), a date, or a night in, set the cologne bottle down after one spray. One, not two, not three, not fifteen. Men who smell like they just went swimming in a barrel full of Versace doesn’t appeal to any woman, because it’s over powering on the nose. Not nice.

Think of it as the equivalent of a woman who is wearing bucket loads of makeup. Surprisingly not attractive, isn’t it?

#8 Playing The Good Guy Card

You know when you meet a woman you find attractive, and you say something along the lines of “I’m a nice guy, you can trust me”?

Do yourself a favor, and leave that line in your head. Here’s why: it implies that she has had to deal with several no good guys, which frankly, you might not know anything about, so making that kind of judgment is a little off putting. You don’t know her, not really. You don’t know what she has, or hasn’t been through, not exactly.

Plus, maybe she isn’t even thinking about whether you’re a good or bad guy. Maybe she’s not even that invested yet. You reminding her that you’re a “good guy” makes her question whether you really are… or if you’re a psycho in disguise. Don’t put her on guard!

#9 Talking About Gross Subjects

Like bowel movements. Gross! Don’t do that! What on earth do you really need to say about bowel movements anyway? Women don’t want to hear about any details, specifics, or even general statements. What you do in the bathroom, with the door closed, is your business, not theirs. They don’t want to know.

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#10 Low Cut V-Necks

If you have chest hair, put it away. If you don’t have chest hair, put it away. Unless your shirt is a high V-neck, capable of being modest rather than attention-grabbing, leave it on the rack. No woman is ever turned on by chest hair sticking out of a “tendy deep V.”

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