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10 Things Men Do Not Like About Women

As much as men love women, there are certain things they could do without. Do you know what they are? Maybe you’ve heard of a few, like heavy makeup or excess perfume!
Well, there’s more where that came from. Here are the 10 things men do not like about women:

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#1 Low Self-Esteem

This is not because they want a super confident, badass woman. Sure they do, but it’s not really the reason. The main reason is that women with low self-esteem go around through life just not knowing how amazing they are. And that’s no way to live.

For instance, the second you glance over and really lock eyes, you have that man. All that’s happening is their heart is beating out of their chest. They’re blind to everything else. Talk about power. They wonder why on earth you even want to be with them. They firmly believe that superficial beauty captures their attention, but natural beauty keeps it.

In other words, you’re amazing, and life is too short to not understand that. So men don’t like it when they have to keep explaining that. You should see at least a glimmer of what they see in you.

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#2 Being A Negative Nancy

You’re human, you have the right to complain. Men complain about things too. However, there are those people, both men and women, out there who just cannot stop complaining about things in general. People who seem to enjoy complaining about things. Everything from other people, to customer service, to the food or the drinks, to the apartment layout or the seats at a movie theater.

If everything displeases you, all the time, you’re just a chore to be around for anyone, not just a potential mate. Does this mean you need to fake being nicer or happier? No, it means you need to do some inner work to figure out why you’re so bitter, and fix it before you lose your romantic interests, your friends, and anyone else close to you.

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#3 Getting Too Messy On the Booze

A man likes it when a woman knows how to let her hair down and have some fun. We only have one life to live after all. However, that being said, if you start getting messy drunk, that’s just annoying.

Saying you need to vomit, asking if you’re a terrible person, singing stupid songs at the top of your lungs, winking terribly… not cute, ladies. So, follow the rule of thumb: after every drink, stand up, stretch your legs, use the bathroom, whatever. It will help you see how far along you are, standing up. If that’s too weird, sit for 20 minutes, drink some water, and only order another drink if you’re perfectly clear.

To be fair though, men also hate it when other men get drunk, because they tend to either get really stupid and start doing tricks (trying), or they become an angry mess.

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#4 Hairy Anything

No, really. Come on. Everyone associates body hair with men, not women. Women need to be smooth, you know, use some lotion, use that razor. Hair should be on your head, but your legs? No! Your armpits? No, come on!

If you’re one of those people who shaves your legs once every 3 months in winter, or not at all… Well that’s just wrong. However, it does keep you warm. So maybe go with the rule of thumb: if you’re single and not mingling, you get a pass. Do whatever. But if you are sexually active or have a steady thing going, please do the guy a favor and shave.

Otherwise, it would be the equivalent of sleeping with a guy who shaved his legs and armpits. The polar opposite. Weird, right?!

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#5 Heavy Makeup

That’s right, clumpy mascara, cakey foundation, excess shimmery eye makeup, and those bold lips actually repel most men. Why? Because they don’t want to lean in for a kiss or two and wind up looking like they decided to wear makeup that day. Plus, it gets all over their clothing, which is gross.

And for that matter, it makes them question why you feel the need to wear that much makeup in the first place. What are you hiding? Are you hideous under all those layers?

Take it as a compliment: if you’re wearing no-makeup makeup, or barely put any on and guys think you’re pretty anyway, then you probably spent all those years layering it on for nothing. You’re pretty in your own skin, accept it, embrace it.

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#6 Fake Tans

Okay, let’s be honest: when was the last time a fake tan looked good, genuinely good? That’s right, never. They’re orange and they smell awful. Even with odorless varieties, it doesn’t look natural. It’s blotchy and streaky. Even with a spray tan, it’s not natural.

If you really want a tan, go get a proper tan. Otherwise, why? You should love your own skin, it’s who you are anyway. Leave the real tans for the women who are naturally tan year-round, or the women who can lay in the sun for 15-20 minutes without burning. It is absolutely fine if you’re not one of those women, you should be happy with who you are.

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#7 Drama Queens

This annoys everyone. It’s much the same the other way around too. For instance, picture this: you get to know a guy, you think he’s attractive, but all he ever really does is talk about people behind their backs, complain about everything, throw tantrums, and demand some exceptional attention. If another man even so much as walks into your line of vision, but you weren’t even looking, they claim you did.

That would get old, wouldn’t it? It would drive you up a wall. Well, that’s how they feel when you’re a drama queen. Because that’s what they have to go through on a daily basis. That and more.

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#8 Massive Sunglasses

Okay, think about it: most men, if not all, would agree that when they show interest in a girl, part of the attraction is your face. If you have a busted face, well that’s tough to work with, isn’t it? But chances are, you’ve been told, even once, that you have a pretty face.

So, why cover half of it up in massive sunglasses? Why? You’re hiding your face, your beauty, one of the features that men find attractive! And then you complain you can’t land a guy. Insert sigh here.

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#9 Cloning

You have to be original already. It’s becoming a problem for men all over the world it seems like. The little black dress with super high-heels? Every woman does it. The leggings with the UGGs? Too many women do that. The Kardashian wardrobe? Stop it. There’s too many plastic “wannnabe Kim-lookalikes.” Remember, none of the Kardashians look like themselves these days, they’re all plastic surgery.

So, why do you want to be like people who don’t even want to look like themselves?

In case you’re not getting the message by now that we’re at #9 of 10 on this list, men want originality. Men want you to be you. That’s what draws them in, that’s what keeps them there, especially if you’re a natural beauty. You don’t need the big butt implants, the breast implants, the bodycon dress with the overly contoured nose and blown-up lips. You’d send the wrong message, and lose your ability to pick out a really good man who loves you for who you are.

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#10 Leaving Them In the Dark

Reading an article written by the honest, “wearing his heart on his sleeve” licensed therapist known as “The Angry Therapist,” there’s no better way to put it. So, we’re just going to quote him:

“So many women don’t tell their men how they feel because they don’t want to rock the boat. Or they’re afraid. The truth is when you don’t express yourself, you leave us in the dark. You’re not doing life with us. You’re doing life around us. We don’t really know the truth of you. You are prepackaging and presenting parts of your life instead of doing your whole life with us. This creates a crowbar, not glue.”

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