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Totally Clueless!

You are correct. They have completely lost touch with modern society. Your parents are totally clueless!

A Little Out of It

They aren't totally clueless, but they have a lot to learn as far as keeping up with the younger generations.

Paying Attention

Your parents have a good idea about technology, pop culture, and many other things, but they just don't really care to join in on any of it. You may think they are completely clueless, but they are actually paying attention.

Keeping Up!

Your parents may not participate much on Instagram or update their Facebook status on the regular, but they will text you back within a few minutes, and they share their Netflix passcode with you, so they are pretty cool!

Really With It!

Your parents make comments on posts, share selfies from their vacations, text, binge-watch, use streaming vs. cable, and watch 'TMZ' and 'The Voice.' They are totally keeping up on today's technology and pop culture. They are also news watchers and possibly do a better job at keeping up with worldwide current events than you do!

Probably Smarter Than You!

Just kidding, but they are totally up to date on everything that has to do with technology, pop culture, media, and world affairs. Your parents rock!

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