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A Total Oddball

Nothing about you, from your quirky personality to your wacky interests, is 'normal.' You are effortlessly unique, and while some people will delight in the novelty of you, others will just be baffled. You don't really care either way. You just keep doing your own thing!

A Hipster

Mainstream is boring. You make an effort to rely on your creative spirit instead of just going with the flow of public opinion. That means supporting fringe artists, trying exotic recipes, and having long philosophical conversations at your local coffee shop. You wear your non-mainstreamness as a badge of honor, and you love to connect with similarly hipster people.

A Bit Quirky

On the outside, you seem to blend in with the crowd. You don't do anything too extravagant, and you certainly don't try to draw attention to yourself. Still, the people who know you best are well aware that you have some weird habits and interests! You just don't like to flaunt them.

Mainstream but Open-Minded

Somebody has to make 'the norm' normal, and you are one of those people. You enjoy the books, food, and music that the people around you enjoy. They're popular because they're good! Still, you have no problem with the wackier types out there. To each his own!

Mainstream and Close-Minded

You like mainstream things. They're comfortable, easily accessible, and popular for a reason! You DON'T like people who put on extravagant counterculture displays. What are they trying to prove? Whose attention are they trying to get? One thing's for sure, they won't be getting the time of day from you!

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