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Your Brain Is a Couch Potato!

You need to stretch those mind muscles and get your brain up off the couch! You have become stuck in rut, and we're sorry to report that your brain cells are slowly solidifying into an inflexible and inquisitive blob. We're sure this wasn't always the case, so maybe it's time to challenge yourself and try something new. Join a new group or take an online class. It could be fun!

You're Almost As Smart As Your Kids, but Not Quite!

We're sorry to report that you're behind in the brains category! It was almost a photo finish, but it looks like you're officially a stick in the mud when it comes to mental flexibility. But there's hope for you yet. Just get working out those mental muscles and test yourself again! We prescribe twenty sudoku puzzles and a crossword daily!

You Are Just As Smart As Your Kids.

Neither better nor worse than one another, you and your kids are on an equal footing. So what if conventional wisdom says that kids are smarter than their parents? You and your kids share the same amount of brainpower. What else do you have in common?

You Are Just a Tiny Bit Smarter Than Your Kids!

It was a tight race, but you won in the end! We can tell that you work at keeping your mind active, but your kids are coming up close behind, and we can't guarantee you'll still beat them out next time! So maybe look at doing some mental yoga to keep your neurons sparking and your imagination muscles flexing!

You're a Mind-Bending Marvel!

Congratulations! Your brain is young and active, and your kids have to work hard to keep up with you in the mind-power races. Far from living in a box, you expand your mind daily and are open to new experiences and new adventures. Keep living the exciting life!

You Leave Your Kids in the Dust!

Congratulations! Your brain is a wonder of agility and unconventional thought! The speed at which you see links and grasp solutions leaves everybody openmouthed in awe, and we're pretty sure that no kid is beating you anytime soon!

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