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Congratulations! Your child is in the right place! Not only are his classes fun and challenging, he also has access to a versatile, supportive community outside of the classroom. He is encouraged to explore new interests, and there's always an enthusiastic adult around who can coach him through new hobbies. Score!


Your child's school has room for improvement, but it still does its job well. The teachers care about their work, and their lessons are fun and challenging. Extracurricular activities are limited, but if you look outside of the school system, you can probably find teachers to nurture your child's more random interests!


In his current school, some of your child's potential is probably going undeveloped. Classes are hit or miss. Some of the teachers work hard and inspire their students to learn a lot. Others couldn't care less. Outside of the classroom, there are a few clubs led by passionate teachers, but they don't have a lot of support. Hopefully you are finding ways to enrich your child's education outside of his school, because his school doesn't cut it!

A Hot Mess!

Your poor kid is not getting the education he deserves! Few of the teachers care enough--or have enough time and resources--to deliver fun and challenging lessons that stick. As for lessons outside of the classroom, does how to avoid bullies and recognize recycled cafeteria food count? Your child's potential is wasting away. Get him out of that school or lobby for some changes, stat!

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