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We have dipped into the deep underlying silence of universal wisdom and say that you are



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in flow with the universe.

You exist in a calm state of tranquility where disharmony and discord pass by as if they are nothing but specks of dirt floating down a stream. You know they are there of course, but you understand that life is a circle where good and bad comes and goes and comes again. No event, positive or negative, will knock you off-course or agitate the quiet flow of your life. Whatever happens, you just smile evenly and keep on your path.

afloat in an ocean of calm tranquility.

You have a calm and balanced outlook on life, and most of the time you can be relied upon to look on the positive side of any event. You believe that there is no bad action that doesn't bring some good. You spilled the milk? Well, the cat is happy to lick it up! Your happy and open personality makes you popular, and your friends and family look to you for your wise advice and uplifting attitude for life's misadventures.

studying the Zen way of life.

You are a student of Zen who actively strives to maintain a stable balance in life. You focus on making your daily life calm, uplifting, and as free from stress as possible, surrounding yourself with an atmosphere of love and light that supports you in your journey towards Zen peace.

living in Zen naturally.

You've heard that there are people that live a life where bad events don't affect them, and they can see the upbeat and positive side of everything. You guess it would be good to be that way, but you just don't see how it could work for you. You're not someone who's about to start eating only organic vegan food and chanting 'om' with a roomful of hippies, are you? You're normal, and you live a life with a normal level of Zen, which is just perfect.

caught in waves of agitation.

If life is an ocean upon which the boat of Zen floats serenely, then your boat has drifted off-course and is caught in a storm! Don't panic! You're in no danger of capsizing; you just aren't having as much fun on your journey as you would like. Take a deep breath of the fresh, ozone filled air and remember that no matter how rough the surface of the water gets, the depths of the ocean remain still and calm. True Zen means understanding that all things are impermanent, and good and bad come and go like the weather. You can not stop bad events happening in life anymore than you can stop a winter squall that spits sleet against your window. So instead of cursing and resisting, relax and look for the positive in the negative. You may even find some Zen calm in your life!

lost in the hurricane of life.

We hear your S.O.S! Life has you stressed out, and you're feeling overwhelmed with everything. Instead of sailing through life with Zen calm, you're over-extended, tense, and getting close to exploding! We understand. Very few people have the ability to remain in a state of meditative quiet when they're navigating a modern life with phones beeping, schedules to keep, and a constant stream of depressing media. If you're seeking a state of Zen, try laying down your phone and spending five minutes a day in quiet meditation, prayer, or focused breathing. Already do that? Increase it to ten minutes...or twenty! Slowly you'll find the chaos will retreat, and your life will become more Zen.

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