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You know a lot, but knowledge is not the same as wisdom. Wisdom is knowing how to apply knowledge correctly. You would do well to remember that not everything can be solved with logic, and that sometimes you have to consider more than just the cold, hard facts.


You know that knowledge isn't everything, which is great, but you also don't have (or use) enough knowledge to be wise. It is easy for others to take advantage of you because you often have the mercy that comes with wisdom, but lack the discernment to make wise choices.


You are very perceptive, which is close to wisdom, but not quite the same. You notice things other people miss. Applied correctly, the knowledge this ability brings to you can help you make wise choices. In itself though, perception is not wisdom.


You are wise. You have both knowledge and the ability to apply that knowledge to a situation correctly. You easily discern the truth, but you know that mercy is just as important as justice. Perhaps most importantly, you know you don't have all the answers. That, believe it or not, is great wisdom.

Getting Wiser

You are getting wiser, as hopefully everyone is. Whether you are making it a conscious pursuit or not, life is teaching you wisdom. You are learning that knowledge only takes you so far, that true wisdom is found in showing mercy as well as doing what is right.


You are smart -- your knowledge is of a practical nature, and you usually just go with your gut and what feels right. Most of the time, this serves you well, but when you run into complicated problems, you will need wisdom to be able to figure out what to do.

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