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Well Traveled

You've been all over the globe, and you've learned a few new things along the way. You have learned cultural norms, customs, international snacking options, and even some weather patterns. Good for you!

Moderately Traveled

You've been to many places, but you have barely learned a single thing! Maybe you slept too much on vacation. Maybe you didn't care to learn, because you were too wrapped up in what to do on vacation, like lounging, hitting up the nightlife scene, or shopping. Whatever the reason, you're not as well traveled as others, because you retained no new knowledge, despite your adventures.

Not Traveled at All

You haven't been many places, so you're not well traveled at all! The few places you have been to have either been on the way to another place or you've been staying in specific areas and not doing any exploring. Better step it up!

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