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Typically Type A

Aggressive, competitive, and driven, you have the personality traits that perfectly describe a type A personality. While your personality is more likely to lead you to success than a laid-back type B, your high-stress lifestyle has some negatives. Watch out for your health, and make sure you exercise and eat well, as research shows that type A people are at higher risk for heart disease and high blood pressure than type B people.

Type A Light

You are focused and ambitious, but your personality is balanced by enough type B traits that you know when it is time to take down time. While achieving your personal and professional goals is important to you, so are relaxing, playing, and spending time with friends and family.

Not Really Type A (But Not Quite Type B)

Congratulations! You have a balanced personality that straddles the line between the relentlessly driven ambition of a type A and the laid-back, laissez-faire lifestyle of a type B. Either that or you're completely cuckoo and constantly swing back and forth from one style of behavior to another. But we don't think that's really the case or you wouldn't have managed to make it to the end of this quiz.

Kinda Type B

Your personality tips toward the laid-back, laissez-faire traits of a type B personality, but your desire to chill is balanced by enough 'git 'er done' attitude to stop you from becoming a complete couch potato!

Typically Type B

You have the relaxed, easygoing traits of a type B, which means you value quality of life over quantity of possessions any day. You'll probably never be CEO of a start-up, but medical studies say you should celebrate your laid-back personality. Type B people are at a lower risk for stress-related diseases and generally are more satisfied and content with life than their more obsessive and goal-focused peers. Turns out that chilling with friends might be a smarter choice than working late at the office. So what are you waiting for? It's quitting time!

Type C

You have the least common of the personality types. As a type C person, you tend to keep a level head and do not express emotions easily. This is a personality type that is hard to maintain, so relax and let go occasionally. Your friends will still love you if they discover you're not absolutely perfect!

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