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Super Trendy

You're the king/queen of trends! You follow them better than anyone else does. The minute you see something on social media, you can automatically tell whether it will be a huge hit or not. So, you're good at wearing things before they truly kick off!

Mostly Trendy

You're mostly trendy, which means you tend to follow the trends most of the time, but you aren't past mixing it up with some unique pieces here and there. Overall, your look is trendy. You just always have some part of your outfit that isn't commonly found. Maybe it's earrings. Maybe it's a favorite pair of boots that you're not giving up anytime soon. It could be anything!

Mostly Unique

You indulge in the occasional trendy item, like a furry keychain or a style of coat that everyone is wearing. But overall, you're unique! You don't like following the leader. Just because a celebrity wears something doesn't mean you have to!

Super Unique

You'd rather die before purchasing anything that screams 'so in.' You prefer to do what you do, whatever that might be. Maybe you were a hipster before being a hipster was dubbed fashionable. Maybe you were a hippie before that trend took off. Or perhaps you've been dressing like the '90s since the '90s, and now everyone is cramping your style! Ah!

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