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Way Too Kind for Your Own Good!

Whoa! You are definitely overloaded with good deeds. If you don't let some of them go, you are headed for a breakdown. Try unshouldering a few of your responsibilities and focusing on the friends who love you for you, not for your willingness to do free slave labor. A kind heart like yours has probably drawn a number of wonderful people into your life. Let them help you out and you will be surprised by how much they appreciate it!

On the Edge of Being Too Kind for Your Own Good

While you do draw a line at outrageous requests, you have a hard time saying no to requests that seem simple. The problem is that all those simple requests are adding up. If you don't start turning some away, you could get burned out! Try saying no to a few requests and carving some 'me time' out of your busy schedule. The people who truly love you will understand and be happy to see how refreshed you are when you make time for yourself!

A Happy Medium of Kindness

You are a friendly, generous person, and you like to help out when you can. Still, you respect your own needs too. You are good at sensing when a responsibility becomes too much for you and finding a way to gracefully bow out. As a very balanced person, you have attracted a close-knit group of friends. You don't waste your time on moochers, but you would do anything for your true friends (and they would do anything for you)!

Actually a Little Selfish

Helping and giving are nice when they're convenient, but at the end of the day, you look out for number one. You only have one life to live, and you want to make sure that you get as much joy out of it as you can. If that means shrugging a few responsibilities, so be it! Be careful that your selfishness, however subtle, doesn't lead you down a path to isolation. People catch on when you consistently put your needs and wants before theirs, and they might not want to be in a long relationship with you!

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