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Fine with Not Being Perfect

Being perfect isn't realistic, and it's definitely something you would never strive to be. You're perfectly fine being just the way that you are.

Trying Your Best, but Perfection Doesn't Come Naturally to You

You pride yourself on working hard, but you know that being perfect isn't who you are. If it's something that you really want, you give it your all, but sometimes perfection doesn't come easily to you.

A Perfectionist, but You Understand When to Relax about Things

People know you for your attention to all the small details, but you know when to remain calm and not go overboard in worrying about all the little things.

An Over-the-Top Perfectionista

Being a perfectionist in all that you do is exhausting, and you sometimes feel that your obsession with being perfect consumes you. Try to relax because nobody is perfect at the end of the day!

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