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Super Thoughtful!

You're well aware of people's feelings and thoughts. You know better than to keep talking when they're ready to go. And you know when someone is tired, upset, or worried. You always do something nice when someone's been having a bad time.

Moderately Thoughtful!

You're pretty thoughtful. Sometimes you're not, but that's usually when something goes over your head or when you're being selfish, but isn't that the case with most people? For the most part, you know how far to push people and when to back off. You do nice things for them too, assuming you have the time.

Somewhat Oblivious!

OK, so you try to be thoughtful, but it doesn't always pan out. Sometimes you hurt people's feelings and have no idea why. But in the end, you're still not as oblivious as others. When you hurt people's feelings, you know you've done something, even if you don't get what that something is.

Super Oblivious!

You're not aware when people are in need of a break. You're not aware when you hurt someone's feelings. You're not aware of most things. Oops. Maybe that explains a few bad relationships.

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