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0 Percent of the Questions Right!

Seriously, why did you even take this quiz? Drool. Dander. Yaps and yowls. You go to great lengths to avoid dogs, so it's no wonder that dogs aren't your area of expertise. Then again, maybe if you did a little digging, you would find that dogs aren't so bad after all.

20 Percent of the Questions Right!

Well, that could have gone better. Maybe you like dogs. Maybe you don't. Whichever the case, it looks like you haven't done your homework on man's best friend. And don't claim that the dog ate it, because you obviously don't have a dog!

40 Percent of the Questions Right!

Well, it's not a total bomb. You are a sucker for puppy pictures and funny tricks, just like the rest of us, but you haven't made a study of the canine species. If you own a dog, you might want to consider doing some extra reading. You wouldn't want to make a blunder that could cost your best friend his health.

60 Percent of the Questions Right!

Hmm, I guess it's still a passing grade, right? It's safe to say that you love dogs. Then again, who doesn't? Dogs are adorable! For the most part, you are content to just soak in the cute, but you have picked up a few necessary lessons over the years to help you find and care for your own pooch.

80 Percent of the Questions Right!

Way to go! You spanked the competition! Your love for dogs has spilled over into a passion. You enjoy learning about other dogs almost as much as you enjoy cuddling up with your own best friend. Your friends will probably be calling you for dog advice soon!

100 Percent of the Questions Right!

Congratulations! Where should we send your crown? You're not just in love with dogs; you're obsessed with them! You know everything there is to know about man's best friend and then some. Your pets receive immaculate care, and you wow passing dog owners with your fun facts!

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