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Innocent Angel

You're so nice and sweet, if you'd be a candy bar, you'd give people cavities. You're not sexy in any sort of traditional way. You wouldn't wear stilettos and garters, or over-the-top lingerie that's best left for devious websites. No, your allure is pure innocence, which is a stark contrast to everything most people witness in day to day life. You shine, making others feel that much dirty for wanting you, someone so innocently pure. Your presence conjures old world poetry, and white linens. The sweetest angel there could be.

Sugar and Spice

You are the perfect blend of naughty and nice. Sweet enough to be candy, but naughty enough to crack a dirty joke over dinner. You experiment in bed, and you're not afraid to wear something quite alluring, but the way you do these things screams sweet still. It's like a perfectly blended concoction of sugar and spice.

Borderline Smoldering

You're not the sweetest of them all, but you still retain a certain level of it. There is enough there where you're not the most stereotypically sexy being on the planet, but all in all, you're sexy. You like to experiment with clothing, and always dress sexy, even when you're not necessarily dressing provocatively.

Naughty, Naughty, Naughty

You like to show skin, and if you ever didn't, people would be amazed. You experiment sexually, and you're not afraid to make it known. Sexy is your middle name. There isn't much innocent sweetness at all, if any. Most people would simply describe you as sexy, attractive, and alluring, rather than innocent, or anything of the sort.

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