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The Hot Sun

Your heat beats down and smolders everything in sight. You must have a lot of passion!


You are pure sunshine--perky and upbeat and ready to get up and do something already!

Fluffy Clouds and Dappled Sunlight

You are a silvery, golden ray of sunshine that lightly touches the world with a glimmer of benevolent magic. You're happy in a quiet way that makes those around you peaceful.

A Refreshing Shower

You're the light rain that starts just before the sun goes away and leaves everything green and smelling wonderful when it's over. You breeze in and cool things down and make everything better than you found it!


You are mystery, wonder, and quiet reflection. You encourage the world to slow down and take a breath and rest for just a little while in contentment.

A Storm

You are intensely unpredictable with a flair for the dramatic. While you may be intimidating and fierce one minute, you dazzle and amaze in the next.

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