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Completely Sheltered

You didn't grow up in the type of environment that fostered true hands-on, real-world life lessons--and that's all right. You might be book smart, or even culturally aware, but street smarts aren't really where you shine.

Not Very Street Smart

While you aren't completely clueless, you aren't really street smart either. You probably weren't raised in an environment where you had to learn important life lessons at a young age, like people who are street smart. That's all right as long as you make an attempt to sharpen your skills eventually by spending more time with people who are different than you and from unique backgrounds.

Street Smart

You are street smart! You have great common sense and are usually one step ahead in social situations. You aren't likely to get duped or taken advantage of, and you have a great head on your shoulders.

Very Street Smart

You are very street smart! Aside from a quick mind and razor-sharp intellect, you probably grew up learning important life lessons at a very young age--the kind that can only be taught from real situations and possibly straight from the street. Nothing gets by you, and you're not someone to mess with.

A Street Genius!

You're not street smart; you're a street GENIUS! You know the ins and outs of the street, and nobody messes with you. You know how to work people to get what you want--and how to stay out of trouble while doing your business. Many people fear you, and many people look up to you for your confidence, bravery, intelligence, and ability to get ahead in hard times.

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