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10 Percent, Zen Loner

You are not social! You choose alone time over social interaction nine times out of ten, with the exception being for close friends and family with whom you share a common interest. Meeting new people is an effort for you, and you are happiest hiding away in your safe space and becoming lost in your mind. Modern society tends to listen to people who stand up and speak out, but your carefully considered thoughts are just as important as the stream of consciousness your outspoken and outgoing colleagues constantly babble.

25 Percent, Strong and Silent

You are not really social, but what you lack in outgoing personality, you gain in self-awareness. You know who you are and understand what is going on in your mind more than most people, and this makes you empathic to others. As a laid-back person with a quiet nature, your safe space is outside, and you gain your strength by being alone in a natural environment with animals and plants for company. If you don't already have a garden, we suggest you plant a few seeds and test out your green thumb!

50 Percent, Peacekeeper

Unlike most people, you are equally happy alone or with a crowd. This gives you a huge advantage in life, as you can network with the extroverts in your social circle but still understand and be accepted by your more internal and introverted colleagues. This makes you an excellent manager or team leader, and you are great at solving disagreements and making peace when friends or family members start to feud!

70 Percent, Smooth Operator

You are social and love to be the center of attention--but only when you choose to be. Although you prefer to be part of the fun, you never feel like you are missing out if you're not part of every event. In fact, you sometimes choose to opt out and do your own thing. This gives you an air of mystery that makes you stand out from the crowd, and you may find that your innovative personality attracts a following of less independent copycats!

85 Percent, Social Butterfly

You love being part of a group and crave the energy you get from hanging with your friends. Being alone is something you deal with, but we bet you've found yourself calling someone for no reason other than needing to hear another human voice. You make friends easily and value your social contacts highly. A loyal and dependable friend, you are there for your peeps whenever they need you and whatever they need you for. But they'll also be there for you when you want a return on the favor, or they'll be out in the cold pretty quickly!

99 Percent, Party Animal!

You win this quiz! You are completely social and prefer not to spend a moment alone. Approaching a stranger and starting up a conversation is natural to you, and you have zero fear of standing up and speaking in front of a crowd. Networking is also natural, and you love to meet new people and are always eager to learn all about them and their lives.

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