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Don't Really Have a Clue When It Comes to Being Sexy, but That's Okay--You Have Other Strengths.

You aren't exactly comfortable in the skin that you're in, and you have a bit of maturing to do before you get to that point. But don't worry, sexiness can come with time!

Are Cute, but I Don't Know about Sexy...

People often refer to you as 'sweet' or 'nice.' You try to be sexy sometimes, but it's not really who you are. Plus, you like playing the 'cute' card. It suits you.

Are a Little Sexpot, and You Can Make Heads Turn

You know how to get attention from the opposite sex--and maybe use it to your advantage, but only if you have to. You're on the right path to oozing sex appeal.

Are Super Sexy--and You Know It!

You radiate sex, but it comes naturally to you! People have told you that you are sexy on several occasions, but you take it as the ultimate compliment and never let it go to your head. Although, you must say, you love the special attention!

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