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100 Percent Ready

You have been saving up every nickel and dime for a while now. Whatever you've bought, it's been toward bills and essentials, like toilet paper. In fact, it's safe to say you haven't really been splurging for a while! But it's paid off, because you have a sizable nest egg to show for it, and you have excellent credit. Your job is stable, and you've even managed to sell off a few things you didn't need in order to make the move easier. So the question here is, what are you waiting for?! Go purchase a home!

75 Percent Ready

You're close, super close, to being ready. You're so close, you can almost taste the driveway! Perhaps you've been stable and saving money but recently suffered a loss of a job and don't want to commit to this right away. Or maybe you have a stable job but haven't made your savings goal just yet. Or maybe you did and then had a medical emergency that left you with a dent in the savings. It could be anything, but whatever the case might be, you just need to correct the situation and keep at it. You're close!

50 Percent Ready

You have a decent job, but you don't earn enough to make it a feasible possibility at this point in time. Or maybe you have the finances for something small, in a cheaper state, but you can't save up enough for the actual move. It could even be that you have too much stuff and need to get rid of it all before you commit to a big decision! Whatever the case might be, you're not that close to your goal. Our suggestion is that you keep working and paying off bills on time, saving and selling things you don't need.

Not Ready At All

You don't do your own laundry, barely wash dishes, and lack the resources to truly save enough money. You're not homeowner material just yet, but that's OK. Everyone starts somewhere. Clearly, this is something you eventually want to accomplish, so make it your goal! Take the steps toward this goal and remember, it takes time.

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