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Totally Ready

You're perfect kitten material, completely unfazed by the amount of work required to own a kitty cat. You won't mind it if he/she bites; you'll just teach proper manners. You won't mind it if he/she scratches your furniture; you'll just get a scratching post. In fact, you're so ready that you already know what items you won't be able to display anymore!

Somewhat Ready

You're so close to being ready to own a kitty! Whatever is holding you back, it's something that can be easily fixed, like preparing your home or accepting the fact that, while the kitten will be adorable, it will also be a menace. You're probably torn over the discipline you'll have to enforce, because it'll be so CUTE! Even while he/she is destroying your important work papers, oh so cute!

Not Ready

You're so not ready! While you may want a kitten, it's important to make certain changes first--like not displaying certain items, not being particular about animals on furniture, accepting the reality of hairballs, etc. Maybe you just don't know if you can live knowing that all your black clothing will be covered in cat hair. It's a strong reality!

Unfit to Own a Kitty

You're beyond the list of 'no no, kitty.' In fact, it's probably for the best if you don't get one! Chances are, you're very messy, which doesn't mesh well with kittens, since they get into everything. Easy access to items, and they'll be destroyed! Maybe you're better off kitty-sitting family pets?

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