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Stress Resistant

Nothing gets to you. You're as cool as a cucumber. You enjoy challenges, and see them as a form of keeping sharp. You're probably very punctual, strong-willed, and not overly emotional. In fact, you're pretty reliable. Are you a robot?!

Above Average Stress Management

You handle stress really, really well, but you still let it get to you sometimes. It's pretty normal, if not better than normal, but not quite the best. It's very rare for it to happen, actually, so most people feel comfortable giving you tasks. Overwhelming you is an extremely difficult thing to do, but it can happen. Keep at it, and you'll eventually be 100% resistant!

Room For Improvement

So there's times when stress gets to you, and there's time when you seem to get along just fine. You are prone to stress, but you're definitely not the worst out there. With a little time management practice, you might be able to improve. Maybe consider picking up a stress-relieving outlet, like exercise?

Completely Prone to Stress

If you don't get it together, you're going to wind up hospitalized. Let's face it, you get overwhelmed, and when that happens, it's a trip trying to get you back on your feet. You're going to need to calm down, and take on a little less responsibility until you get things under control. Remember, your health is on the line!

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