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Ready for Everything!

You have a fully stocked go bag, a fireproof safe, and important papers and photographs stored there and in an off-site location. You have cash on hand, and important phone numbers are written down, not just stored in a cell phone. You can lose just about anything and still get by. You are ready in a moment's notice to pack you and your family up and seek shelter. You even have a plan for backup living arrangements should you be displaced from your home for a long period of time. You have meet-up plans in place with all of your loved ones, and you practice or go over these plans at least once a year. You are ready for everything nature can throw at you!

Ready for a Flood

You know that expression, come hell or high water? Well, you are ready for both. You have a backup location for you and your family that is far from your current area. You have life jackets and a waterproof go bag in an easily accessible area. You have backup credit cards in an off-site, secure location. Are there any other natural disasters you need to prepare for?

Ready for a Tornado

You have extra sturdy shoes and spare warm clothes for you and all of your loved ones hidden in your shelter, so if you have to take cover without time to put on proper shoes and clothes, you won't have to worry about hurting your feet and being half dressed if your house blows away. You also have some cash and a spare set of car keys, flashlights, batteries, snack bars, and water tucked away in the shelter. You are ready for a twister! Are there any other natural disasters you need to prepare for?

Ready for an Earthquake

You have had earthquake drills at home, and you have two possible meeting locations planned with loved ones in case you aren't together when it hits. You have easy access to cash that doesn't require an ATM, and you have extra clothes and shoes for all of your loved ones in a secure location. You have phone numbers written down as well as flashlights and batteries in a reliable place. You are ready for a shakin' bacon! Are there any other natural disasters you need to prepare for?

Ready for a Hurricane

You have spare plywood and a hammer and nails handy. You are stocked with canned food and bottles of water as well as candles, batteries, flashlights, and a weather radio. You know how to secure the premises and hunker down. Are there any other natural disasters you need to prepare for?

Not Ready for a Natural Disaster!

You need to come up with a plan. Start thinking of ways you can keep you and your loved ones safe in the event of a natural disaster. Do you have access to cash without the use of an ATM, flashlights and batteries, a weather radio, food, water, and spare clothes and shoes? Do you have a meet-up plan in more than one location with those you care about most? What about a pick-up plan for children if you are unable to get to them. Coming up with a plan for these things will give you great peace of mind!

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