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Are a Political Dunce!

It was a good effort, but US politics is just not your area of expertise! We hope you've learned some fun and interesting facts, and if you want to become more of an electoral expert, we suggest checking out the correct answers and doing some fun research for the stuff that interests you.

Don't Know Much about Politics

You know the very basic principles of how the US electoral system works, but your answers show a lot of gaps in your knowledge. Want to know more? Then it's time to get studying for US Government 101! Check out the correct answers for the questions we show you got wrong (and check our answers if you think we're inaccurate!) Then go ahead and take the test again. Maybe you'll be an electoral expert next time!

Answered the Quiz with 'Alternative Facts'!

Maybe your answers don't match with ours, but does that mean they're wrong? We might say so...but we're cool if you claim they're just the alternative version of the accurate answer. The system probably needs some shaking up, so give it a few years and your responses could be 100 percent correct!

Just Aced US Government 101!

Congratulations! Your results show that you have a great basic knowledge of how the US political system works. Now it's time to polish your political science skills and get ready for GOV202 and beyond!

Are an Electoral Expert

Great answers! Involvement and grassroots action are the basis of the US political system, and your almost-perfect score tells us you're an involved citizen and possibly even an elected official. We salute you!

Are on Your Way to Being Elected POTUS!

You're an electoral whiz who quite possibly knows more about the US electoral process and political structure than the current commander in chief! So get ready for your electoral campaign and prepare your platform. Maybe we'll be voting for you in 2020!

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