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Pianos are smooth and soulful. They prefer to be with people who have a deep understanding and have studied a lot. The best ones prefer not to move around, and they are very high-maintenance. They are also more often found in fancy restaurants than in dive bars, not that they can't handle both. While they know how to be fun, entertaining, happy, and the life of the party, they have a lot of experience with sadness and misery. You are a lot like a piano!


Guitars are easygoing. They travel well and are very low-maintenance. They love being inside and outside, whether at a camp or a fine restaurant. They are up for anything. Even the fanciest guitars love to hit the open road. Guitars don't mind people who don't know them very well. They get along well with even the newest of friends and don't take long to warm up to anyone. You are a lot like a guitar.

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