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Very Patient

You are extremely patient. You know the benefit of waiting for things in life, and your long perseverance is often rewarded. You are wise and forward-thinking, and can often be hard to beat in an argument, as no one can get under your skin!


You are patient, which means you have the ability to wait for what's important. This gives you an edge in life in things like planning and long-term goals. However, you are still capable of being impatient on rare occasions!

In the Middle

You are about in the middle, which means, when things are feeling good, you are capable of being very patient. However, if you're tired or in a bad mood, for example, you are also capable of displaying great impatience. That being said, people tend to find you the easiest to deal with, as you fall on neither extreme.


You are impatient, which means you know what you want and generally want it as soon as you can get it. This does not mean you are incapable of waiting for things. It just means that you push to have things work out as fast as possible. You dislike waiting for it.

Very Impatient

You are very impatient, which means you know exactly what you want, and you want it immediately. You hate waiting for things and do whatever it takes to make sure your immediate desires are gratified. You tend to go all out in whatever it is you are doing at the moment, but, on the other hand, your long-term planning can suffer.

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