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You often have the feeling that something is about to go wrong and always find something to worry about. You need to stop fretting over things you can't change and then your mind will ease up on you.


It could be raining literal cats and dogs and you probably wouldn't notice anything was strange. You have a default mode of relaxation and almost never get your feathers in a ruffle.


You sometimes have a sneaking feeling that things aren't what they seem and it makes you second guess other people. You feel that people are generally looking out for their own interests.

Half Paranoid

You are fifty-fifty relaxed and stressed out, which can lead to polarizing feelings about your attitude. Some people love it, some people can't handle it.

Sometimes Paranoid

When you get on edge about something you are more likely to feel paranoid or worried that something will go wrong, but most of the time you manage your stress and it doesn't become a problem.

Extremely Paranoid

You don't just think people are out to get you, you know it. From your intuition and insider info you know all the details about what other people are up to and the plans they have against you.

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