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100 Percent Overly Stressed

You are at your breaking point! Your sleep has taken a toll, and so has your face, hair, mood, and personal relationships. You're swamped with work, or work worries. You lack alone time, and you feel constant pressure to do MORE. It's time you put yourself first. It's a serious issue, because too much stress is damaging.

75 Percent Stressed

Your stress is high, too high. While it isn't as much as it could be, you're pushing a limit here, and your body is telling you to stop! Listen to it, and give yourself a relaxation day. Run the tub, exfoliate, and drink some tea. Meditate!

50 Percent Stressed

You have what society calls a normal amount of stress. It's enough to be proactive about what you need to get done, but it's not enough to be completely stress free. You're stressed half of the time, but the other half of the time, you get along well.

25 Percent Stressed

You have an ideal amount of stress in your life. This is the minimum amount possible for a human being to have while still maintaining a normal lifestyle. We all have demons! But yours are fleeing and certainly don't get in your way. What's your secret?!

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