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New Wave

You're a touch edgy and a lot mod. You probably drooled over the wardrobes in 'Less Than Zero' back in the day. It's at least highly likely that you opening your closet would have revealed white, black, gray, a red accessory, and a dash of pale, pale pink.


You can't be wedged into a box! You love it all, although you'd rather listen to 'Behind the Wheel' than 'Closer.' You loved the looks, the fun, and the not-so-basicness of it all. You want Cyndi Lauper and Boy George wardrobe trends to come back with a vengeance. You wish Iona from 'Pretty in Pink' was your fairy godmother.

Cold Wave

You like a little European flair in your Wave, like Kraftwerk, Bauhaus, and Asylum Party. You prefer 'Luftballons' to red ones--there was no reason to mar a perfectly good song!


You're the sad younger sibling of your elder punk brothers and sisters. You didn't embrace modernity, rail against the establishment, or hide yourself in the darkness; you internalized it all and tried to scream it out. It's a good thing that angst usually comes in periods and not sentences.

Dark Wave

You're on the dark end of the spectrum, but you're not completely goth. Dark wave's German influence speaks to you, as do cold, industrial sounds.


You are a true goth, embracing the romance of dwelling in the ethereal world. It's in what you wear, what you listen to, and even what you read.

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