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Super Mysterious

You are beyond mysterious. You shroud yourself in mystery on a daily basis, probably even when you sleep. When people are in your room, like friends or family, they don't know what to think, because it's actually rather plain in there. Do you have feelings and opinions? Hobbies? No one really knows!

Moderately Mysterious

You're mysterious but not overboard. People don't wonder if you have a personality or anything; they know you do. They might even know your hobbies. However, you're not very open. You're not one to talk about anything, so anything they know, they've figured out themselves somehow.

Moderately Easy to Read

You're easy to read but not overly so. You know how to carry yourself with just enough censorship not to be an oversharer, but you're okay with answering questions directly rather than answering in riddles. More so, when you make friends, you're the kind to invite them into your life rather than keeping them at the door.

A Completely Open Book

You overshare often, but you don't care! Strangers, family, and friends alike are all subject to your detailed tales, jokes, thoughts, opinions, experiences, and more!

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