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100% Social

Social interaction is your lifeblood and spending time with others is your favorite thing to do. You are so friendly and easy to talk to that you can't leave the house with making a new friend or seeing an old one. When faced with the choice to stay in wasting time at home or go out and see where life takes you, the choice is always clearly to put on your running shoes and go.

100% Homebody

You're looking forward to the day you can retire so that you'll never have to leave the house again. Social interactions drain you, and you feel much more at peace when you are home surrounding by your things and in your own familiar space. Your friends and family know that there's no changing you at this point, so end up hosting holidays now and again just so everyone can see you.

50% Social, 50% Homebody

You love being at home, but you love being with your friends, so for you it's always a toss up. At least you're easy to please! You try to be available to your friends but they also know if they text you too late, your couch will have already won the battle. Weekends you like to split with one home day and one party day.

75% Social, 25% Homebody

Just about 7 or 8 times out of ten you would agree to meet up with friends or go out to a party, but then there's the times where you absolutely want to stay at home and nothing will convince you to leave. You're a good sport at parties, but when the party starts to fade you have no qualms about catching the next cab back to your place to pass out.

90% Homebody, 10% Social

Netflix and chill may as well be tattooed on your forehead for the amount of time you love to spend posted up on the couch, but every now and again you get a wild hair and want to hit the town. Your friends have legendary stories about the few times you crawl out of your shell, but most of the time you turn down their invitations to party.

100% Depends on your mood

Your mood changes faster than the weather in spring, you could be thrilled to socialize and inviting everyone you know, or you could easily become introverted and want to retreat to your bedroom without warning. You're smashing fun to hang out with when you're in the mood, but you can be a downer when your mood turns.

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