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A Capitalist

You believe in the total, private control of industry for the sole purpose of profit. You think the state should keep its hands out of money-making enterprises, everyone is better off by allowing individuals to seek profit, and the market should be driven by uncensored competition. You believe that the individual shouldn't have to sacrifice for the benefit of others.

A Socialist

You firmly believe that the market and industry should be controlled, or at least regulated, by the community, rather than individual, powerful investors. You believe that the average person will benefit the most from this shared distribution of wealth, and, because of this, the community as a whole will be better off. You believe that people should be willing to make some sacrifices for the betterment of others.

In the Middle

While you recognize the community benefits of socialism, you also realize that the competition of capitalism can lead to innovation and heightened results. The individual should not be forced to give up their freedom or right to extreme wealth. However, you know that the government also has a duty and a right to look after those who need it.


You could be an anarchist, a monarchist, or even an I-don't-care-ist, but whatever you are, you do not agree with EITHER of these philosophies. Perhaps you find capitalism too greedy or socialism too limited. Whatever your reasons, neither of these ways of thinking work for you!

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