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Your Maternal Grandma

You are kind and sympathetic, very emotional and sensitive to other people's feelings. Like your grandma you can always make everything better, even if it's just by listening to another person's problems. You are the heart of your family and are always have a warm greeting and kind word for everyone. For your, family will always come first.

Your Maternal Grandpa

You like to get hands-on around the house, always fixing things, always planning, always coming up with new ideas on how to improve something. Whether it's a broken appliance or an issue at work, you always have a solution. You're as handy as your grandpa and when faced with a problem you can always think 'what would my grandpa do' and start from there. For you, tinkering with something is relaxing and you're the person your friends turn to when they need help.

Your Paternal Grandma

You learned from your grandma, always listening to her, and because of that you have always been wise beyond your years. You always see into the heart of any matter and can guide others when they seek help. You don't force your opinion on others, but you are happy to give it when someone comes to ask your advice. You guidance has helped out a lot of people, just like your grandma's has always helped you.

Your Paternal Grandpa

Ever since you were little you have loved and respected the way your grandpa makes everything better with laughter and you've taken after him. You make people happy on bad days and bring lightness into darkness. You're the life of every party, full of jokes, stories and fun. You can always bring a smile to every face and laughter to every heart. You're a great gift to everyone you know just like your grandpa.

A Bit of Both of Them

You have always respected your grandparents and have always tried to follow their example, learning your grandpa's wisdom and your grandma's kindness. You are very adaptable, you can always change the way you react in any given situation, blending warmth and kindness with a great deal of wisdom. You make people feel safe and secure when they're with you or they share their problems. You can make everyone feel at home.

All Four of Your Grandparents

You love spending time with all four of your grandparents, they're so much a part of who you are that you can't imagine being yourself without them. You learned wisdom, humor, love and kindness from them. They taught you how to deal with difficult situations and how to let your hair down and be silly. You learned the importance of looking out for the people you care about from them and how to always be there for the people you love. Your grandparents will always be a part of your heart and your soul and the way you live your life.

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