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You leave a trail behind you wherever you go. If you ever got lost, someone would know where you were, not to worry. You might have thought you were neat, but you're actually used to just having someone else deal with your destruction.

Somewhere In Between

You're not overly messy, but you're no neat freak either. You're normal! You can be messy at times, like when you're working on something specific, but all in all, you pick up after yourself too. If anyone randomly knocked on your door, you'd have to quickly hide a few things, but it wouldn't be a nightmare to walk into.


You are the queen/king of organization. You clean up after not only yourself but everyone else too. In fact, you're the person who picks up everyone's glass and slides a coaster under it. You're the person who does laundry every week and puts the clean clothes away rather than keeping them in a pile for a week. And when you eat, not a single crumb gets left behind. No, your home is spotless.

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