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Are Super-Duper Immature

Okay, sit down, it's time to grow up, my friend! Being a kid is fun--but not when you're decades past that stage of your life. We're sure you may have heard this before, but maybe it's time that you stop focusing less on yourself and more on the needs of others and the world around you. But don't worry, there's hope for you yet!

Have Some Growing Up to Do

Okay, so you can hold a job and pay your bills on time--for the most part--but maybe it's time you start looking at the bigger picture in life and living for the future. Tomorrow is a new day. It's never too late to mature into that responsible adult you know you can be!

Are A-Okay and Know How to Act Your Age, but You Also Know How to Let Loose and Be Fun!

You can have fun, but you are respectful of yourself as well as others, and people can count on you to get the job done. Life is all about balance, and you're sitting pretty right where you're at.

Could Lighten Up a Bit--Life Doesn't Always Have to Be So Serious.

It's perfectly okay to act your age, but you are taking the fast train to Boring Town. Remember, it's okay to let loose and unwind at appropriate times. And if you do that, we bet you'll feel younger than you are!

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