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Are you living your best life?



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No, Stop Pretending You're Something You're Not.

You're not living your best life. For whatever reason, you're faking it. You're pretending to be happy when you low-key hate everything and everyone. Why not try being the change you wish to see in your world? Nothing's going to get better unless you start making positive changes. We recommend starting today.

Meh, You're Halfway There.

You're easily distracted. The petty things always seem to get in your way. Whether it's a sensitive coworker blowing up on Facebook or a controversial online quiz, you aren't always strong enough to avoid the drama. If you spent as much time hustling as you did on social media, you'd probably be living your best life.

No Way, You Have Way Too Much Fun.

Having fun could be considered your best life, but you actively avoid any sort of responsibility. You either ignore them completely or shrug them off onto someone else. So, unless you're living at home with your mama, you definitely could be living a better life.

Yes, You Are Successful and Happy.

You're living the American dream. The white picket fence with 2.5 kids and a dog, or whatever your big goal, you achieved it and are living it in the best way possible. Nothing could bring you down from this cloud, because you always see the bright side. You are killing it!

Yes, You're Happy and Working Toward Success.

You may not have achieved your goals quite yet, but you're almost there. You can see how your hard work is paying off, and it fills you with such happy pride that no one can destroy your self-confidence. Just keep on truckin', and you'll be on to your best soon enough!

Yes, but Only Because You're a Selfish Hedonist.

You're living your best life, because you couldn't care less about anyone else. You don't care what they're doing or what they think, because you're way too busy being a boss. Ignore the haters and keep doing you, boo.

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