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Totally Living a Fairy Tale!

For better or worse, your life is totally fairy-tale-esque. From your enchanting surroundings to the presence of your true love, you've got a lot to be thankful for! But then again, you are a magnet for trouble too, and you've had to outwit more than one foe in your life. Let's just hope you've gotten into your 'happily ever after' stage!

Close to Living a Fairy Tale!

Your life definitely has elements of magic. Maybe you've had a brush with true love, or maybe you have some secret talents that are almost otherworldly. Of course, you have your mundane days, but there have been some moments that really made you stop and wonder just how 'normal' your life really is.

Living a Fairy Tale in Your Dreams

Sorry to let you down, but your life is actually pretty normal. From your worries to your responsibilities, you fit in well with the majority. Still, your imagination is capable of transforming your average life into a magical story. From a blossoming cherry tree to a cranky old woman (who might be a witch!), you are always putting a spin on things in your mind.

Not Living a Fairy Tale

Far from being a fairy tale, your life is actually rather ho-hum. One day looks just like the next--and none of them are very enchanting. It's all part of being an adult, but boy did you love your fairy tales when you were younger.

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