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A Bonafide Workaholic

You're always working, even when you're trying to relax. The gears of your mind are constantly turning and turning, engaged in your projects, ideas, goals, and strategies. As productive and accomplished as you are, you also run the risk of burning the candles at both ends. Try to get some real rest and relaxation before the stress starts to take a toll on your life!

Slightly Workaholic

You make time for yourself but only when you feel like you actually, truly deserve it, which is hardly ever. The truth is that giving yourself some quality 'me' time everyday to relax and take your mind off of your job will not only make you a happier person, but also more productive!

Perfectly Balancing Work and Play

You are perfectly balancing life, giving equal amounts of time to your career and your personal life. You understand that taking time out to relax and enjoy life makes your work turn out even better.

Slightly Lazy

It's not that you hate your job. It's just that you like relaxing, having fun, sleeping in late and hanging out with friends. You are responsible enough to know that you have to work in order to play, so you do as little as is required and make no effort to exert yourself at work.

Just Plain Lazy

You are lazy. Let's face it. Work just isn't your thing! You'd much rather stay up late, sleep all morning long, lay on the couch watching TV all afternoon and party hard into the night. You do the absolute bare minimum required, and sometimes much less than that--which makes you sort of unpopular as an employee. You dream of winning the lottery and living a life of perfect laziness. Let us know how that works out for you!

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