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Super Indie!

You're the person who hangs out in coffee shops, wears glasses that you don't actually need (no prescription), and has a ton of creative hobbies. Chances are, you practice photography, have tons of Instagram followers, and pride yourself on your matcha- and coffee-making skills.

A Blend of Indie and Alternative

You're alternative but also indie. You love photography, probably wear glasses, and love coffee, but you also love dressing edgy and have a few tattoos. You're very much into self-expression through your looks, and you're never looking to blend in or please anyone.

Super Alternative!

If you combined the punk style of the '80s with the grunge of the '90s, you'd get alternative. It's the rejection of what's mainstream, kind of like the original hipster indie, before indie rock really became a thing. In other words, you're the OG of everything that's now cool, but you never try to be. You're just you--an edgy rebel with a love for plaid.

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