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Are Totally Husband Material!

You are more than ready to pop the question. You are totally ready! And you would make an amazing husband. You are stable, kind, sweet, funny, smart, and most importantly, experienced and mature enough to know what to do and what to avoid doing in a relationship.

Are Almost Husband Material

You would be an amazing husband, but you're not ready to pop the question just yet. You are kind and smart, experienced and mature, and definitely committed, but there's something holding you back. Maybe you're just not as stable as you want to be at work?

Are Not Husband Material . . . YET

You still have a little growing up to do--a little living, a few more years of just having fun. And there's nothing wrong with that! You are a good guy with good intentions, but you also know that rushing into anything when you're not ready is a recipe for failure.

May Never Be Husband Material

Not everyone is marriage material, and that's okay. Some people love being alone more than anything. Some people like to relax and do whatever they want, when they want, and feel like being in a monogamous relationship and marriage is jail. Or they want to be with one person but don't feel the need to be married, because the love is enough. Whatever your situation, know that it's perfectly okay! Live your truth.

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